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Michael Hardin is the founder and owner of Hardin Graphics and a proud veteran of the US Army. In the Army, Michael’s main role was working as a medic behind battle lines to help patch up and heal soldiers coming back from combat. In addition to his service duties, Michael went on medical missions to help win the hearts and minds of the people. Each week, he would leave the base with a team, security details, medical supplies, and an interpreter. This medical envoy would go to local villages and help care for the sick and wounded.

Service runs in the family, with Michael’s father serving during World War II and inspiring Michael to serve his country as soon as he possibly could. Michael’s time served has been commended with a variety of medals, awards, and honors. Some of these medals include; the Combat Medical Badge, Bronze Star, Army Accommodation Medal, Vietnam Service Ribbon with Bronze Attachments, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Good Contact Medal, and Marksmanship Medal.

Being a veteran is an accomplishment that Hardin Graphics celebrates. If you are a current service member or veteran, we thank you for your service and appreciate everything you have done for our country. Hardin Graphics cherishes our service members and veterans by offering a standing 10% discount on all orders. It’s our small way of showing you that your service is something we will never forget. Hardin graphics is always interested in partnering with fellow veterans. If you have a project that could use our assistance, please reach out and we can start a conversation to see how to best help you.