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Prints from 1975

In the 60’s my mom, Ma Behr would send me down to the clothing store ATKINSONS to get outfitted for school. I would go down there and Gordy Jr. would take really good care of me. One time, he “balled me out” for wandering down to BIDWELLS, a local competitor. Hardin Graphics printed this logo […]


Poster Print from “Big Wednesday”

This is a 3-color poster printed for Denny Auberg, screenwriter and actor in the Movie “Big Wednesday.” These are movie marquis that were made to show case the movie at theaters. Denny also went up and down the coast selling them for beer money. Printed at Hardin Graphics circa 1992


How Hardin Graphics Got Started

Hardin Graphics got its start 45 years ago printing bike bags & tote bags for Behr Bags. My brother Bill and Mike Pope printed the first bike bag in “Ma Behr’s” garage in Costa Mesa, circa 1967. The rest is history.  (look closely in the photo to see Newport Ski Company, Ocean Pacific, at-ease)